Diabetec and Orthopedic Shoes

Diabetic shoes are a must when it comes to the care of your feet. As a diabetic patient, diabetic neuropathies is a common disease caused by neuropathic disorders that are associated with diabetis mellitus. This disease can cause poor circulation which is one of the disadvantages of having diabetes and due to this can cause such complications like strain, ulcers, calluses and even amputation. The proper footwear can help to prevent such incomformities which is where ABI P&O come in. It is highly recommended that you see a physician such as a pedorthist  in order to get prescribed the proper footwear and implants needed to ease both pain and stress from your feet and help provide the proper circulation needed to relieve yourself from one of diabetes principal bodily discomforts.

Here at ABI P&O we provide our customers with exactly what they need in order to reach that goal. Comfort is a must. One of the discomforts of a diabetics feet is calluses which can cause toughened skin due to repeated friction, pressure or other irritation. Even though calluses are generally not harmful, they can lead to other problems. The correct footwear as well as shoe inserts, arch supports, lifts, wedges and heels can help to prevent such problems by evenly distributing the pressure on certain parts of the foot and improving mobility. Keep in mind that your feet are what keep you going and if you do not take proper care of them, it can lead to other problems including ulcers and amputation. As a diabetic, you are prone to many diseases  but none as life changing as amputation.

We are here to provide our customers with the very best in footwear. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Tony Mendoza, our orthotists & prosthetic technician is one of the most highly skilled in his field and has been trained by the top manufacturers. With this in mind you can rely on us to offer you expert advise and help you to choose the very best footwear to best fit your needs. Don’t hesitate any longer and give us a call. Your feet will definitely thank you later.