Quality Custom Foot Orthotics

ABI P&O specializes and provides the finest quality foot orthotics. Our custom made shoe inserts are medically proven to eliminate many types of foot pain and discomfort. Orthotics are designed to control foot function by treating imbalances and modifying areas of weight-bearing on the foot. We also help our customers who suffer due to weight problems. Orthotics make it easier for individuals who want to improve their health by exercising, but often find it too difficult on their feet. We may be the perfect solution!

Foot orthotics are used for the treatment of various types of foot problems including sports related injuries where overuse of muscles, tendons and ligaments occur. So if you find yourself asking why orthotics are used for so many conditions, here’s your answer. First you need to understand that functional foot orthotics are primarily used to alter the forces exerted on the foot in an effort to alleviate pain or overuse injuries. This is very different to a simple arch support which simply supports the arch. A functional orthotic uses specific modifications to apply specific forces to different parts of the foot in an effort to alleviate pain and/or improve postural control.

When damaging forces on the foot and leg begin to cause pain, many overuse problems may begin to occur. These symptoms of overuse can include pain or discomfort in the feet or legs. Sometimes symptoms will occur in the hip and the lower back or spine. Foot orthotics can help to control these damaging forces and prevent many of these symptoms. So don’t be misguided by simple solutions or fashionable alternatives. Contact us so that we may best assist you in not only avoiding the pain caused by this problem, but by changing your lifestyle in general by living a pain and discomfort free life. We are not an alternative to your pain, we are the solution. Our custom made foot orthotics will definitely change your life.